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State of the Media: Nielsen Report Review

State of the Media: Nielsen Report Review

It’s becoming clearer and clearer to businesses that social media is a must. No longer can they keep their heads in the sand and pretend like conversations aren’t happening online about them, but instead need to participate.

However, it is also important to know social media is not a one-size fits all space. Depending on your goals, and how your different consumer segments use and share content, you need to customize where you go and what you share to fit your business’ (as well as consumers) needs.

Here is a great report from Neilson on the State of the Media for Q3 of 2011. This is a good place to start when identifying where you need to be in regards to where your consumer is online.

Key things to note:

  • Social media dominates people’s time online
  • The majority of internet users are on social networks
  • Facebook is still #1
  • 40% use mobile devices to access social networks
  • Social network apps are a hit – they are the 3rd most used apps. Games = #1, Weather = #2
  • 55+ are the quickest growing user segment
  • Both men and women view videos online, but men stream more and watch longer
  • 70% of users of social networks shop online
  • 53% of social network users follow brands
  • Social networks/blogs reach over 75% of internet users
  • Tumblr’s audience has tripled in a year

Current State of Social Networks 2011 Inforgraphic


Demographics of social media have been written about over and over. I found this infographic on Mashable.com and thought it took an interesting spin on the current state of social media – specifically the last section about winners and losers.

The changing of technology is something, as users, we just flow with – but if you stand back and look at the business implications and the patterns it is actually quite interesting. For marketers these patterns and trends are important to note because spending time and resources developing communities and followers doesn’t only hinge on your ability to identify where your demographic is online, but also on the assumption that that specific platform will remain popular over time. This may be why the most common platforms for corporations to get involved in are the largest, even though the target markets may not be as direct or relative to their products.

Infographic: The Current State of Social Networks


The Iconic “Fail Whale”


I normally write on strategy, social media for various industries, ways to get noticed, trends etc. Today I thought I would focus on something a little more light hearted – Let’s look at the “Fail Whale”! The idea came to me when I tried to Tweet a blog and saw a new fail whale image I haven’t seen before. The fact that the change was immediately apparent to me and intrigued me made something clear… Twitter has taken their failure to deliver a consistent service, and created a fun and engaging way to apologize for it that has become iconic and understood by all twitter users. It has become a pop culture icon that encourages loyalty through a visual representation of Twitters empathy.

The whale, held up by birds, now has a whole new connotation for Twitters apology.

The original Fail Whale (shown below) illustrated by Yiying Lu, was the first of a viral series of spin offs for this iconic image. From fan clubs, to t-shirts, sculptures, videos, spoofs, products, and even tattoos have resulted from this one image.

Here are a few I have found (the first being the one that inspired this post I saw for the first time today). Not all are official Twitter Fail whales, some are spin offs and memes that show the true iconic nature this image attained in our culture which is so engrained in social media – where people are sampling from other iconic figures and intertwining them with this new one.

Note: many images were taken from http://www.whatisfailwhale.info/ – there are many more there to check out as well!

So, What’s your favourite Fail Whale?